I have over a decade of experience at internet startups setting up customer support teams, managing online communities, moderating content, doing front and back-end web development and everything in between.

Below is a summary of my work in these fields. The full details by job (probably too many details) are on LinkedIn.

Customer Support

  • Approximately 75,000 support cases and 10,000 phone calls over my career
  • Reorganized FAQs and email macros at Flickr, Yahoo e-commerce, and Kickstarter to get better statistics and decrease the number of incoming tickets.
  • Led multiple projects to improve internal support tools at all my jobs.
  • Created new support training at all of the companies I’ve worked at for multiple products and teams. 
  • Trained and on-boarded 5 support teams, 3 of them at outsourced locations. Within 1 month, all of the outsourced teams I setup were running at full capacity with no drop in customer satisfaction scores. 

Web Development

  • Lead developer on website redesign project. (Expression Engine CMS, HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript)
  • Add features and tests to internally created web based chat tool. (Angular, Jasmine)
  • Work on new backend for museum API. (PHP, PHPUnit)
  • Theme changes to museum shop website. (Shopify)
  • Lead developer on project to match visitor images to images in the museum collection and integrate that into the visitor chat app. (Angular, JavaScript, PHP, Pastec)

Community Management

  • Managed the Community Moderation teams at Flickr and Kickstarter.
  • Managed the Flickr voice and blog.
  • Handled messaging when there was a delicate PR situation.
  • Created internal process and documentation for 3 different moderation teams.
  • Create and update Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and other policy at 2 different companies

Jobs & Titles

  • Plaid: Technical Support Engineer
  • Brooklyn Museum: Web Developer
  • Kickstarter:
    • Community Manager
    • Trust & Safety Manager
  • Pinterest: Community Team Specialist
  • Flickr:
    • Technical Support
    • Trust & Safety Manager
    • Senior Community Manager
  • Yahoo:
    • Customer Support Frontline Phones
    • Customer Support lead for 4 different products. Yahoo Store, Yahoo Domains, Yahoo Site, and Yahoo Netroadshow